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Jeju Tourism Organization ( JTO )


Jeju Tourism Organization is a non-for-profit organization under the government of the Republic of Korea.

It was established in 1982  to introduce and promote a beautiful island in Korea, Jeju.

It also aims to bolster Korea’s tourism industry under Korea Tourism Organization as an international tourism Organization.

Since its inception, the driving focus of JTO has been to create the necessary tourism facilities and services.

JTO then began expanding its activities into the areas of foreign tourists, developing and modifying Korea and Jeju’s

tourism industry infrastructure, and developing tourism complexes to better accommodate a larger numbers of tourists.

In 2011, there are more than thirty thousand people are working in and out of South Korea for JTO.


JTO’s Logo(Brand Image) 

(Jeju Tourism Organization's official logo) 

JTO is using its own logo in order to promote Jeju island’s image and remind people of Jeju’s natual resources.

JTO’s logo shows Jeju island’s beauty and uniqueness.

As Jeju island is located in the South-east of Korea, it is the first landmark to see the sunrise.

Therefore, the logo is formed with three main colours which represent:

Yellowish orange: Sunrise and You-chae flowers of Jeju

Blue: the oceans and the waterfalls of Jeju

Green: the mountains and national parks of Jeju

Jeju is not only a state of South Korea, but also an important landmark which represents  the spirit and nature of Korea.

JTO is the organization which work with and for the Jeju island.




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