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 Modern accommodations is Jeju island can be categorised into three types: Hotels, Exclusive accommodations and  Budget accommodations.

 From Top-class korea hotel resorts, affordable guesthouses, and JTO’s recommended “Goodstay” motels.Come and experience the comforts of Jeju!

 A variety of accommodation facilities that provide online booking are introduced with a direct link. We thank you again for visiting this page and hope that it is useful to you as you plan your trip to Jeju.

  • Hotels


Hotels in Korea (inside view) Hotels are classified into five categories: super deluxe (five-star), deluxe (five-star), first class (four-star), second class (three-star), third class (two-star).

 Generally, a double room in a super deluxe hotel costs approximately 200,000-400,000 won (use of extra services and facilities not included); in a deluxe hotel 150,000-250,000 won, a first class hotel 100,000-150,000, second class 50,000-100,000 won, third class 30,000-100,000 won. The prices of hotels vary depending on season and location.

 Hotels above deluxe class usually have a fitness center, sauna, a business center, restaurants and cafes. Hotels add a 10% VAT and 10% service charge. The 10% VAT (hotel tax) that was lifted during special tourism periods, such as Visit Korea 2001 and the 2002 FIFA World Cup, is now back in effect as of January 1, 2005.

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The Korea Hotel site provides information and hotel reservation services for the use of international visitors.


Hotel Pass provides reservation services for internationals and is staffed by approximately 60 operators who assist 50,000 international visitors annually.



  • Exclusive Accommodations


 There has been a recent increase in the number of luxurious accommodations that have opened in Korea, and they seem to be significantly different when compared to regular hotel standards. A number of large-scale resorts are slowly opening throughout Korea. One is the Swiss SPAmed, a skincare resort once visited by European royalties and international stars. Another full-fledged, upscale villa offers complete privacy for all its guests and boasts an 8m deep swimming pool, a spa, golf range, yachting, and DVD/book rentals, all within the confines of the resort.

 For golf enthusiasts, an internationally acclaimed resort located on the beachside offers selective members with an 18-hole golf course. Exclusive Stays are not just normal lodging accommodations, but are high-class accommodations with varying themes ranging from health and beauty, to simple recreational fun.

Jeju-do SPAmed Resort Jeju-do Olle Resort Namhae Hilton Golf
Spa Resort



  • Budget Accommodations



 The Goodstay logo is the Korea Tourism Organization’s promise of a reliable and affordable accommodation. Only motels and inns whose facilities and operations meet high standards can receive the Goodstay endorsement. To date, over 180 establishments nationwide have received the Goodstay seal of approval, ensuring everyone from backpacker to business traveler has a delightful stay in Korea.

 To ensure that you receive the best service possible, please book your reservation in advance.

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<Top 2 Budget Accommodations in Jeju island>

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Hotel Wind & Sand
Region : Jeju-si Jeju-do
Type : Inn/Motel
Hotel Wind & Sand is located in Yeon-dong, Jeju-si. Rooms at the hotel are neat, tidy and simple. Lo …





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