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There are various attractions which make Jeju island more special and attractive.

JTO will guide and introduce potential visitors with main attractions and  museums and theme parks.

As Jeju island is known as ‘Hawaii of Korea’ among foreigner tourists, a lot of couples are visiting Jeju island for

 honeymoon trip, family trip, students trip and so on.

You can experience more than you expected with pretty reasonable budgets.

Do not hesitate to have a look at attractions pages for further information and plan your trip!

  We,  ’Visit Jeju’ do not offer an on-line booking service for tickets as JTO is not-for-profit organization.

However, we introduce ‘Top must-visit attractions/museums and theme parks’ and give some overviews.

You can also go into each attraction’s website for a research as we linked their URL links.


* Click on Main Attractions/Museum& Theme Park banner for further information.


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