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Jeju Island

 Unwind at the quixotic destination of Jeju Island, which is even branded as the Island of the Gods. Jeju is a tourist destination for Koreans as well as Japanese that appeal travelers with volcanic rocky land, temperate conditions, heavy showers, magnificent waterfalls, elevated summits, sandy seashores and untouched caves.

 Get the Jeju Overview while traveling to this wonderful place and visit attractions like the Teddy Bear Museum, Seongeup Folk Village, Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, Mt. Hallasan, Udo Island, Yongduam volcanic rock and many others. Jeju Overview attracts you with some of the blissful experiences starting from hiking along the Halla-san to viewing the floral genres along the Baekrok-dam Lake. From scuba diving along the Seogwipo coast to coming across migratory birds along the Hadori Sanctuary, are worth appreciating. Be it horse riding to viewing of dolphins and penguins one can delight their senses while taking a vacation break at this beautiful location. Jeju Overview confirms your visit to the finest heritage sites along the Gwandeokjeong province or treats your eyes with the striking Five-Storey Pagodas that are based in the region.


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Tourism Jeju

Jeju, popularly recognized as the “Island of the Gods,” is a vacation destination for both Koreans as well as Japanese. Jeju Island, which is an apt destination for newly wedded couples,  is set within a romantic backdrop.

 Jeju Tourism boasts of a region covered with volcanic rocks, mild oceanic weather conditions, recurrent gentle rain showers, majestic waterfalls, gray volcanic rocks along the elevated summit, and vast spread volcanic soils or sandy seashores. Hike along the Halla-san, which is the highest peaks of the South Korean region or indulge in a lovely horse ride along the vast stretched lands pacing ahead the wonderful attractions of beaches and forest. Capture the beauty of the varied rocks adorning the seacoasts; along with the spread of several Oreums, the secondary volcanoes and the uncommon floral species adjoining the Baekrok-dam Lake are worth appreciating. Jejudo is a wonderful island, which is usually called as Jeju, whose capital is Jeju-si.

 Jeju Tourism welcomes you to some of the best lying beaches, golf course, blooming mustard fields and other related attractions. Visit the land of Jeju and watch its native women divers, called as Haenyeo or Jamsu, swim underneath the water and brings out shellfish and sea urchins. Enjoy clam fishing at Jongdai-ri, or hunt out for wild animals at the Daeyu Hunting Ground.

 Jeju Tourism take you to some of the finest heritage buildings of the region like Gwandeokjeong, located in the Jeju-si or marvel at the Five-Storey Pagoda constructed of black basalt constructed by the Mongols. Visit the striking galleries along the Jeju Sculpture Park or tour down to the world’s largest teddy bear museum along the Jungmun Beach. Be it watching the horses graze along the lava hilltops or indulging in scuba diving along the Seogwipo coast, be it viewing the performance show of Dolphins, penguins and sealions at Pacific Land or visiting the Hadori Sanctuary for migratory birds, this place is must a visit while on a vacation spree.  



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 Jeju-an Official Finalist of the ‘New7Wonders of Nature’ 

Over the past decade, Jeju Island has received three different UNESCO certifications; it was designated a Biosphere Reserve in 2002, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, and a Global Geopark in 2010. The island is also one of the official finalists of the worldwide ‘New7Wonders of Nature’ campaign.

The Official ‘New7Wonders of Nature’ is the second global campaign run by the New7Wonders Foundation in Switzerland, following its first campaign to elect the ‘New Man-made Wonders of the World’ (a campaign which drew over 100 million votes). After two rounds of voting and input from a Panel of Experts, the list of 28 Official Finalists has been announced and Jeju Island is proud and privileged to find itself among the chosen few.


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