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 The transporation system in South Korea is fairly simple and convenient as other well-developed countries.

 Generally, travellers use public transporations such as bus, taxi or train. To get to the Jeju island from foreign countries, flight should be used as there is the Jeju International Airport. From the South Korea Peninsular, travellers can either take a flight or cruises and ships to get to Jeju. The transportation types can be devided into: Air transportations, Land transportations and Maritime transportations respectively.


  • Air Transportation



 Information provided herein has been provided by sources other than that of the Jeju Tourism Organization (JTO). The JTO does not endorse, has not verified nor is liable for any information contained within this page of the website. All inquiries should be forwarded to the agencies specified herein. Both Asiana Airlines and Korean Air are the representative airlines throught out South Korea, the first impressions of Korea before travellers arrival to Jeju. Click on the airlines website banner to get further information and plan your trip.



  • Land & Sea Transportation


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Slideshow of land and maritime transport of Jeju island. 


 Buses and taxis are most popular form of public transport in Korea.  Buses connecting towns and cities throughout the Jeju state charge fares according to the distance covered.

 City taxis are required by law to use the meter. There are also minivan type taxis for carrying larger parties and these fares are usually higher. Limousine and taxi services are available from the airport to hotels in the city as well as other locations.

 There is also a Jeju-tour bus which foreigners can take for the sightseeing. It costs 20,000won for an hour and you can take it in front of the Jeju International Airport every hours (8:00am~8:00pm).

 We do not offer on-line booking service as main land transports are public trasportaions. However, you can make a reservation when you buy a tour package or reserve a accommodations.

 Many popular island destinations like Jeju, Udo, jeojaedo are linked to the mainland by regular ferry services. Other smaller islands are accessible by fishing boats, which may be chartered.

 Ferry services are also available from Jeju island to the neighbouring islands in the south. There are a number of cruise liners which call on Jeju ports. For more information, please click the links below:



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